Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blog Makeover!

Hello All!  How do you like the new look of my blog?   This poor little blog has needed a facelift for a long time now.  I used to use an online freebie background, but someone let me know that their antivirus system notified them there was malware attached to it.  Now I don't exactly know what malware is, but it did not sound like a good thing.  :)  So I removed the freebie background, and began using one of the backgrounds provided on blogger.  I chose one that I sort of liked, but didn't really love and then I was contacted by someone saying it was too busy and made it difficult to read the items listed on the sidebar.  That wasn't good either!  Next I tried a few very boring and plain backgrounds, which I was not happy with.  Then a few weeks ago I was perusing thru etsy and found that there were blog packages available to purchase.  I had no idea!  :)  There were a lot of great designs to choose from and I got mine from Simply Creative.  Magaly from Simply Creative was so nice to work with.  I had several questions beforehand and she was very helpful.  She also has some great etsy banner designs, so next up will be a makeover for my etsy shop.  :)

Another new thing on the blog is the option to follow by email. I've been asked about this before, but being the low-tech person that I am, had no idea how to set it up.  Then I got an email the other day asking about it (thanks Kathi!) and decided to see if I could figure it out.  So if you are interested in following by email, that option is now on the right sidebar.  :)

And I had to share this funny picture that my dad took the other day.  My nephew Eli is completely obessed with any and all vehicles.  His first word was car.  One of his favorite things to do is to sit in my dad's truck and "drive".  His little sidekick in the picture is my parent's cat Symon.  Symon loves to go for car rides and he even has his own little perch on the passenger seat of my dad's truck where he sits.  He's sitting there so patiently and I'm sure he's probably wondering why the heck the truck is not going anywhere.  :)



Barbara said...

Love your new design! It's simple but pretty, and clearly structured. Good job!

moonstruckcreations said...

Looks great!

And love the pic of the kitty in the truck - yesterday we were following a car which had a small dog sitting on the parcel shelf. We have two cats and we were laughing saying "cats wouldnt like a trip in a vehicle", but how wrong we were!


Annette said...

It loos great you blog like this..
So happy and colorfull... love it!!

cute pic with Eli!!

Unique2wh0 said...

That is NOT Eli. My goodness where does the time go? Look at them cute curls. I love the cat carseat. How many people can say that their cat likes car rids hahaha! Wail til I tell my mother. LOL. Funny I was just gonna as you about the follow by email..and here it is. Take care and have an awesome long weekend.