Monday, August 29, 2011

Gus and Grace Update

I realized that Gus and Grace haven't made an appearance on this blog in quite some time.  And I thought I better give them a little face time so they don't get jealous of baby Eli showing up so often.  :)

It's a pretty easy update though, Grace is still sweet as can be, and Gus is still ornery as can be and still keeping us entertained on a daily basis.  And yes, he is still carrying around his pet string.  :)

Sweet, sweet Gracie!

Ornery Gus! :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New Patterns in Shop

I've been busy working on a couple new designs for the shop.  The first is Starburst Coaster pattern, and I've had a lot of fun making these up in all sorts of fun colors.  I haven't tried making any using a varigated yarn, but that's next on my list to try.

I also finished up Pleats and Lace Scarf pattern, which I also enjoyed, but it was a bit more of a challenge given our recent heat wave.  :)  But I have to go where my ideas take me, even if it's making a scarf in 90+ temps.  :) 

Both patterns are available in my etsy shop 

Starburst Coasters are made using worsted weight cotton yarn and are 4 1/2" across.  They are made in two pieces, which are then connected when the border is stitched. 

Pleats and Lace Scarf is made using worsted weight yarn.  I used Berocco Vintage Worsted for the model.  It is made in two panels which are then stitched together at center back.  Each panel is made by first stitching the pleated edge, then turning and working the body of the scarf.