Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Scrap-Buster Coasters - Free Pattern

Since I use cotton yarn for so many of my patterns and projects, I've accumulated a LOT of little leftover balls of yarn.  I keep saving them, but haven't gotten around to using any of them, so I decided to come up with a pattern to use these small amounts of yarn.  I had fun rummaging thru my scrap bag and matching up colors.  :)

The coaster uses 2 yds of 3 different colors for the color  strip, about 10 yards of white, and 4 yards for the border.  Finished size is about 4" x 4"

Click on the "download now" button below the picture to get the pattern.  :)

download now


Thimbleanna said...

20 whole yards of yarn? That just sounds so funny! Those coasters are adorable -- thanks for the pattern!

Annette said...

What a little cute coasters!!!
Love the colors you used.
It really a great way for short pieces of yarn:)

miek 2 said...

hello Doni, i have a question for you. i have made some pot holders, notting fancy just double crochet. i have used them and put them in the washingmachine but the coton has some loose threads. i was wandering about the washcloths people making these days, is that a diffirent kind of coton?
i use schachenmayr nomotta, catania
can you explain if i could use this for a washcloth and/or towel?

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the free patterns. They will give me hours of crochet fun.