Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gus Wins!

Gus is a notorious little (ok, not so little) yarn thief, and he's sneaky and he's quick.  I'm trying to work on a new crochet pattern design today, and I have my little tub of yarn close by.
Bored Gus + Tub Of Yarn = TROUBLE.

*I'm working and not paying attention to him, so he decides he wants the yarn, and jumps up, grabs a ball of yarn and takes off running with it.  And of course, I have to chase him to get it back, because he can't be allowed to play with yarn for his own safety.  And of course he runs to the basement, his favorite place to be chased.  And since he loves to be chased, I humor him and chase him around the basement for a bit, finally retrieve the ball of yarn, put it back in the tub and get back to work*.

And just like in a crochet pattern: repeat from * to * (at least) 6 times! 
FINALLY, after about the 6th time chasing him to the basement, I clue in that this has turned into a game for him, and I've been playing right into his little paws.

Score today: Gus = 1, Doni = 0

"Yeah, she's nice, but she's sure not the brightest bulb in the box".


Annette said...

hihihi.. your story made me laugh....
What a smart cat you have..and so funny

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- that's too cute! I love how you managed to slip the crochet theme into your fun post!!!

razberiswrl said...

I love your Gus posts! What a rotten little thing! (rotten in a good way)

miek 2 said...

And then they dare to say that cats are not social like dogs!
i have to say to my dog;come, lets go outside.
Gus say to you; come, get some exercise.
now thats the way it go`s, it`s allways the cats how are the underDOG!!!
great pictures

Melissa said...

Haha Cute! Gus is a little stinker! Must learn it from Uncle Mike! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh that totally makes me laugh!!
I'm glad you indulge him.hah.a.ah

Zita said...

How cute! He looks just like our 14 year old girl cat Nickie :).