Friday, April 1, 2011

Gus and His Pet String

A few months ago, I wrote about Gus and his "pet string" that he found somewhere in our basement.  You can read about it here.  It's still his favorite toy.  He seriously loves that thing, and he never gets tired of playing with it.  He started out wanting to catch it and play "tug of war", then he would let go of it so we humans could make it move again for him.  Somewhere along the line, he has changed the rules of the game.  He still wants us to make it move for him, and he loves to chase it.  But once he catches it, he only wants to play tug of war for a few seconds, and the new rules of the game involve me letting go of my end of the string and then to chase after him while he runs down to the basement with it.  This game is just between Gus and me, because for some reason, my husband is unwilling to chase after him saying "I'm gonna get you Gussie!  I'm gonna get your string", while Gus races away with it down to the basement (although he does enjoy watching me do this and make a fool out of myself) :)

These pictures reflect Gus's side of the game.  Thank goodness, there are no pics of my side.  :)

After catching the string, he waits for me to start chasing him, then he races off towards the basement stairs with it.

He pauses at the top of the stairs and checks to make sure I'm still following him.....

Then it's off down the stairs.  It's fun watching him run down the steps trying to not trip on the string while he goes.

At this point in the game, I usually just chase him to the top of the stairs and watch him run down to the basement.  He'll wait down there for a few minutes to see if I follow him, and if not, he will drag the string back up the stairs again to start the game all over again. 

Heading back up to do it all over again!
Grace likes to chase him too.  :)


Cris said...

ok - this is adorable!

razberiswrl said...

SO cute!!! Love it!!

Annette said...

hihi.. funny pics... so cute!!

miek 2 said...

mmmmmmmmmm, i must warn you, after 6 years now we are "worked" in the same way by Basso. whit his ball or as we call the pet string, his snake. AUGUSTUS knows you are the one he can call 'sissiegirl' from now on.THIS IS YOUR FUTURE, running behind your cat hahahaha
ps,maybe your husband can take some photo`s of you running after gus hihihihi

Thimbleanna said...

That's hysterical! What a great cat. Isn't it funny how they never tire of playing the same game? Guess we'll now know where to find you LOL!