Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Day in the Life of Gus....

As I've mentioned before, life with Gus is never boring.  I always have my camera nearby, because he's always up to something.  He's a  little big brat, but he's also adorable, lovable, and makes us laugh everyday, and we sure love having him around.  :)

He likes to help "dust" the back porch
He likes to "help" me take pictures of my crochet projects
He LOVES to eat and when I buy new food and fill the container, he has to dig in,  even though his own dish filled with the same stuff  is a mere 6 inches away
He takes naps in my knitting bag.....
And on my ironing board, although that lamp doesn't look like a very comfortable pillow.
He BITES his cat scratcher instead of scratching it.  Notice all the little pieces on the floor that he's chewed off.  I have to pick these up a few times a day.

He may be part Black Lab! (he HAD to check out the dog biscuits I keep around for a visiting neighbor dog.)
And the words he hears daily?....."You are SO lucky you are so cute!"


Thimbleanna said...

He IS cute! Looks like he keeps you happy and entertained!

Tiffany's Little Creations said...

Oh my he is cute! I've got 3 of them and they sure do keep life interesting around here.