Monday, August 29, 2011

Gus and Grace Update

I realized that Gus and Grace haven't made an appearance on this blog in quite some time.  And I thought I better give them a little face time so they don't get jealous of baby Eli showing up so often.  :)

It's a pretty easy update though, Grace is still sweet as can be, and Gus is still ornery as can be and still keeping us entertained on a daily basis.  And yes, he is still carrying around his pet string.  :)

Sweet, sweet Gracie!

Ornery Gus! :)


miek 2 said...

thank god, i`m not the only one with pictures of my pet sleeping!
it`s not that they allways sleep, but it`s nearly the only time you can take a picture of them haha. (unless you want to run like an idiot to take some good shots, like you down the basement :-) )
and i find it annoying that they allways open there eyes at just that time, arggggh.
but yours are allso very sweet (allthough i don`t know if you allways so adorreble!)

Annette said...

hihihihihihihi.... you cat's are so beautifull and funny!!!

Thimbleanna said...

Very cute -- thanks for the kitty update. I'm glad to hear Gus still has his string!