Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I'm Getting Ready for Fall!

My homemade monogram pumpkin

A few weeks ago I was at Hobby Lobby and they had these really adorable ceramic pumpkins with a monogram painted on them.  And they were 50% off!  I thought it was my lucky day until I realized they were all out of my letter. So I decided to figure out a way to make my own.  This past weekend, a nearby farmer set out a wagon full of his first batch of pumpkins for sale.  I was looking for one that was on the tall side, and found just the right one.  Using the Word program, I typed in the letter S, enlarged it to size 650 font, then clicked to make it bold.  I printed it, cut it out and taped it to my pumpkin.  I traced around the letter, then using black acrylic outdoor paint (got it in the craft dept at Walmart), I painted it.  The hobby lobby pumpkins had some really beautiful swirly designs around the letter, but I'm no artist so I had to improvise on that part.  I took a ruler and drew a straight line (well as straight as I could get it on a bumpy, rounded pumpkin) above and below the letter.  Then I took a quarter and traced a partial circle on the ends of each line.  To finish it off, I painted a dot inside each partial circle using the end of my paintbrush.   I then painted vertical wavy lines on each side of the letter. It's definitely not perfect, but I'm a pretty happy camper. I got the monogram pumpkin that I wanted and I don't have to find a place to store it at the end of the season.  :)

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Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- that's adorable Doni!!! What a great idea!