Monday, June 24, 2013

Patriotic Jar Cozy

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Patriotic Jar Cozy
by: Doni Speigle

Monday, May 13, 2013

Spring Fling Potholder - New Pattern In Shop

I was so happy when Spring finally arrived and I wanted to design a bright and cheerful flower potholder to welcome it in.  I'm now trying to ignore the fact that our weather has turned cold again and we had to turn our furnace back on.  But this flower does cheer me up with it's bright colors.  :)

The striped center of the flower is done by stitching the stripes into the potholder's front piece by following a color chart.  The flower is made separately, then positioned over the striped section on the potholder front and stitched into place.

And since this potholder involves changing color on each stitch to make the stripes and also the border, I've included a little photo tutorial in the pattern on how to change color on every stitch.

Finished size is about 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" (not including the ring at the top)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Star Stitch

Have you all seen the crochet stitch called the star stitch?  I first saw it pop up on Pinterest and thought it was so pretty, and I pinned it to check out later.  Then I saw that Drops Design has a free potholder pattern using this stitch and thought this would be the perfect time to try it out.  Although their pattern says it's a potholder pattern, I thought it would work better as a dishcloth.  And I had just the yarn for it.  A few years ago I bought a bunch of Creme de la Creme yarn on sale online.  I hadn't used this yarn before and when I got it, I was so disappointed, and didn't like it at all.  It is very thin and rough, and wasn't anything I wanted to use for any of my potholder designs.  I stuck the box of yarn in a closet and hoped I would eventually find a project for it. When I saw the Drops pattern, I knew this was the project I had been waiting for and would work great with this yarn.  Since the stitch is fairly dense, I thought a thinner yarn would work well with it.  I dug that box of yarn out of the closet and started stitching.  I have finished 3 so far, with a 4th on the hook and I am very happy with how they have turned out.  I really love this stitch and it is so much fun to do, and once you get going it goes quickly too.  I will probably end up making up the whole box of yarn (20+ balls) into these dishcloths.

I also got my Easter Bunnies finished and delivered to their recipients.  I used this pattern and added my own twist to them.  :)

And on a totally unrelated note, I have to share some of my critter pics.  Last fall we had a dead tree that needed cutting.  So my husband cut off the top of it, and turned it into a bird feeder.  This made it high enough that the deer couldn't clean out the feeders each night.  He also built a squirrel feeder for the squirrels.  The first picture is from a few months ago.  The squirrels found the feeder, but they apparently didn't realize it had food in it and they used it as a chair to sit on while eating out of the bird feeders.  It took them a while, but as you can see in the 2nd pic, they finally figured out there was some good food in that chair of theirs.  Then last week I glanced out the window and thought to myself "Wow, that is a big squirrel!".  Upon closer inspection, I realized it was one of the neighborhood cats.  She may have been bird hunting, but if so, she needs to work better at camouflaging herself, cause not one bird would come near the feeder the whole time she sat there.  :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013 - Free Ebook

Free Ebook just released a free ebook of crochet patterns and I was fortunate enough to have my Four Square Potholder and Summer Stripes Coaster patterns included in this ebook!

The ebook is called "Crochet in Color" and it includes crochet patterns for home decor, the kitchen and also some crochet accessories.

If you're interested, you can get your copy here

I hope everyone has a very Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What I've Been Up To Lately

I haven't been blogging much lately, but I have been busy.  I have had lots of projects going, some are finished, some are still in the works.

A while back I made a carseat pillow for Eli.  I saw one on Pinterest, and it's just a long tube that they can hold or lay alongside them to rest their head on.  He didn't really understand what it was, but he did like the footballs on the fleece fabric.  :)

I had my first try at making doll clothes.   My friend's grand-daughter has an American Girl doll and she wanted to make some clothes for it.  She purchased a crochet pattern she found online and got started.  But she soon ran into problems.  It was a very vague and confusing pattern and she got thru the vest and just gave up on the rest of it.  So I had her bring me all her stuff and said I would finish it up for her.  I made the skirt and hat, but I put my own twist on the skirt.  It was to be worked in a solid color, but I had some white yarn with a touch of silver sprinkles in it, and used it to make the top part of the skirt, and then used her purple yarn for the bottom border.  Then when I made the hat I added a round of the white yarn to sort of bring it all together.  I found that I kind of like making doll clothes and have been looking around in Ravelry for my next project.

Recently I made a walker tote for a friend of mine.  Someone visiting her had seen it and wanted one for their father, so I whipped one up for him this past weekend.  I hope he likes it!

I am also still plugging away on my Umaro blanket.  I am past the half way mark and hope to finish it up soon!  Olivia decided to "help me" take the picture  :)
(excuse the bad picture, the lighting was terrible!)

And I have a basket of bunny parts that will soon turn into 3 Easter bunnies.  I am using this pattern and am enjoying making these little guys.

We also celebrated my nephew Eli's birthday this past weekend.  I can't believe he's 2 already!  He is obsessed with all vehicles, but he especially likes firetrucks, police cars and ambulances.  So as a birthday surprise, he got to sit in a police car.  He was a bit speechless, which is very unusual, because he is quite the chatterbox.  

He had a great time at his birthday party and hogged all the monster truck party favors for himself.  :)

And what a difference 2 years makes.  This is a photo from the day he was born.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Bunny Jar Cozy


Valentine's Day is over, and Easter is just around the corner, so my little jar needed something new to wear.  I actually started out making something completely different, but I just wasn't "feeling it", and then this little guy popped into my mind and I thought I'd give him a try.   He looks like he wants jellybeans to fill it up, but I think I'm still going to go with peppermints.  If only there were peppermint jellybeans!  :)

Jar is about 5 1/2" tall and 15" around