Monday, September 20, 2010


BOO! Coasters
 I'm getting ready for Halloween with this fun set of Boo! Coasters.  Hope you enjoy!  :)
Click download link below to get pattern pdf.

download now


Spundun said...

What fun - thanks for sharing!

cherie... said...

Thanks so much for the pattern...I can see me making BOOB coasters when it's not halloween time! x

Anonymous said...

@cherie---lol, yeah, you can do them up in pink and white for a breast cancer awareness theme!

Anonymous said...

hello and merry xmas to every one - hope yous had a nice one - iv blew 3 months of dieting in one day ha , all the best for the comming year -
micky b

Anonymous said...

I am not able to download the pattern for the Boo Coasters. When I try to download it opens it up in a scribbled form. Can you please tell me how else I can get the pattern? if you can send me another link?

Anonymous said...

I am getting gibberish for the download. What must I do to get the correct English pattern?