Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Couple of Goofy Cats and a Close Encounter

Guarding the Pet String

About a year and a half ago, Gus dug around in some of my husband's things stored in our basement, and found a parachute string (I have no idea why my husband has parachute string).  This string became his constant companion and favorite toy, and I posted about it here.  We dubbed it his pet string, because he was obsessed with it, and was either dragging it along with him everywhere he went or he was sitting by it, patiently waiting for someone to make it move so he could chase it.  As time went on, he still carried it around a lot,  but he didn't seem as into it as he used to be.  We thought he was growing up.  :)  But nope, that wasn't it.  Turns out the old string wasn't as much fun because it was getting a bit ragged and had also gotten much shorter because he likes to chew on the ends.  A few weeks ago, my husband gave him a brand new, identical string and he's like a kitten again.  And he's driving us crazy all over again, constantly wanting us to play with that darn string with him.  If we are sitting in a chair, he'll stand up on his back legs and reach up and tap us on the leg and meow.  If that doesn't work, then he'll jump up on our lap and then jump down real quick and run over to his string hoping we'll take the hint.  And heaven forbid if you even glance his way when you walk by.  We play with him a lot, but he just never tires of it. I think we may need to sign him up for a support group.  :)

"Pul-leeze won't you play string with me?"
Even Eli gets roped into playing the string game!
And as if one goofy cat wasn't enough, there's Olivia.  And she has her own obsession.  I have a large size Vera Bradley bag that I use to haul my laptop around.  Every single time she sees that bag, she is compelled to get inside of it.  The other day I had it hanging over the back of a chair, and I noticed when I walked by that the bag was moving.  Sure enough, even hanging from a chair, she had managed to get inside of it. 

"Hello?  Do you mind?  I'm  trying to take a nap here!

"You interrupt my nap......then I chews on your bag!"

We have a little fox family in our neighborhood and the mama fox has been visiting our yard occasionally.  I haven't seen any little ones, but some neighbors say she has a litter.  She's a pretty little thing, and very skittish.  One of the neighborhood cats was taking a nap in our our yard one day when she stopped by.    As I watched out the window, she just walked up to him  and sat down.  He was not a happy camper and was very tense.  She, on the other hand seemed quite relaxed....a little too relaxed.  So just in case she was sizing him up for dinner, I walked outside and she ran away.  :)
She still shows up every now and again, and I hope one of these days she'll have those babies along with her.  :)

A close encounter of the furry kind.


Thimbleanna said...

Wow! I can't believe you got that encounter on film - that's amazing! What a pretty little fox - I'll be anxiously awaiting more fox pictures - keep the camera ready LOL! YOur cats are so funny - it's good to see that Gus still has his sense of fun!

Sandy said...

What great pictures of the fox.. sure hope you get to see the babies.

Aren't cats just too much fun?? We have 5 of them, and each one has such a distinct and different personality all their own. We added a puppy to our family a few months ago, so they are not that thrilled with this turn of events, but are coming around! :)

RetroSandie said...

What a great cat story!!! Sometimes kitties do the best stuff! LOL And love the beautiful fox! Hope you happen to get a photo of a youngster or two soon.

Unique2wh0 said...

You have the most fun cats ever! I think Gus is the smartest cat ever! So cute they both are. I love reading about them. Wow! and the fox pictures are amazing...glad you got out there thought because you may be the pictures.

Annette said...

What a lovely animal post..
And cute little Eli!
Love him...
Those cats can play so darn cute

Ericka said...

The fox is so beautiful! Wow! What great shots of her!
AND of Eli - what a CUITE!!!!!!
I love cats.....just love them....yours are particularly goofy - love it!!!

Ericka said...

The fox is so beautiful! Wow! What great shots of her!
AND of Eli - what a CUITE!!!!!!
I love cats.....just love them....yours are particularly goofy - love it!!!

Anonymous said...

I have a cat "finn" who just loves my purse also! Dont know why but as soon as i come home and set it down he comes out of hiding and jumps on it and proceeds to nap or groom himself!!