Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Mickey Mouse Fun (And Minnie Mouse too!)

I was playing around with some plastic rings the other day and came up with these Mickey and Minnie embellishments.  They can be used as a decorations on a gift, magnets, or even as a Christmas Ornament.  They are very quick and easy to make.

You need 3 plastic rings

Crochet around rings with black yarn (I used worsted weight)

Position the smaller rings like Mickey ears and stitch to larger ring

Add a ribbon & tie into a bow
 And while I was in a Mickey/Minnie mood, I made some Mickey and Minnie keychains. I suggested to my husband that we could use them and have matching his and her keychains.  But he politely declined. LOL  I can't imagine why, I think they are very cute.  :)

Edited to Add:  I've been getting requests on how to make the keychains, so I am adding that information to this post.  :)

The keychains were made based off of my Mr. Mouse coaster pattern, which is a free pattern on my blog and can be found here:

Instead of using the worsted weight yarn, I followed the pattern using size 10 crochet thread and size 7 steel crochet hook. I made two of the body pieces, then stitched on the buttons (or beads for Minnie). Then I attached them by holding the two pieces together and single crocheting around, lightly stuffing as I went. For the bottom of Minnie's skirt, I stitched a few shell stitches along the bottom while I was attaching the pieces. I then made 4 of the ear pieces and stitched two together for each ear, then stitched them onto the body. And to finish off, I stitched the keychain to the top of the head and added a bow for Minnie.



Thimbleanna said...

Ohmygosh -- those are all just too cute. I especially LOVE the little keychains. You're one clever girl!!!

Annette said...

ow ow ow how cute is that!!!!
I'm a big Disney fan... and love those!!
Sómeday (when i find teh time lol:)) I will try that..
Hihi I can understand your husband...hihi

miek said...

and could you keep a straight face when you asked or told him this???????????
i realy wander hahahahhaha
it`s a great idear this ring thing.
and your keyholders are fantastic

sarams1987a said...

Verry nics blog have you ;)

Mvg Sarah

Nicky said...

Would you mind sharing the patten for the keychains? I think they are adorable!

Gloria R. said...

Yes, please would u mind sharing both of ur pattern. I did crochet when I was really young haven't did it since. However now that I have 4 grand babies I would love to restart again. My question to u, so did u crochet the rings or did u just wrap around the thread. Sorry dorkie question but u can say I am a newbie now. Please if u can send me the pattern to thank u and have a bless day

Doni said...

Hi Gloria,

I tried to email you at the email address you left with your comment, but it is coming back as undeliverable. I'm not sure if the email is incorrect or if there is another problem. But if you want to leave another comment with a corrected or different email I will try again.

Anonymous said...

Hi, can you please email me the patter as well? I'm just learning how to crochet and this would be a good project - Thanks!