Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Projects

Hello!  I hope everyone had a very Happy Mother's Day!

Here are a few things that I made for my mom this year:

A handmade Mother's Day Card:
I made this card from a cardmaking kit I had

My mom LOVES Aspen trees, so I made her an aspen leaf potholder

And I made her some Criss-Cross Coasters using this tutorial from Allsorts.  I've made these coasters several times before, and it's a fun and easy pattern.  The fabric is a "Birdie" charm pack from Moda.

I also got a visit from my sweet little Eli (my nephew) this weekend. He brought me an adorable photo collage of pictures taken of him on Easter, where he's posing with his chocolate bunny that I for made him.
He has this expression that he's made since day 1, where he furrows up his little brows at us, like he can't figure out what the heck we're doing.  I love this expression, and it cracks me up everytime he does it, so of course that was my favorite picture taken on Easter.  So my sweet sister made sure to use that one as the main one for my photo collage.  I LOVE IT!! THANKS BECKY!!  :)


Close up of the "furrowed brow" look.
He's thinking "Grandpa, WHY do you keep pointing that little black box at me?"


Annette said...

What a lovely gifts you made for your Mother... I think she was the happiest mom on earth!!!!
ow cute sweet nephew!!, he looks so cute in that outfit!!!

Anonymous said...

I bet your mom is a happy camper!! Love that baby :) Don't you just wish you knew what was on his mind.hah.ah.aha....or not!

miek 2 said...

handmade gifts are allways the best!
and you made beautiful things for your mother.
but i must say that eli steels the show.
you can put all the nice pictures in the world in front or around eli but he`s the man.
i love the blue and brown sweater he wears, it machtes up nicely with your bunny.

becky said...

I think you definitely have the cutest nephew EVER!! :) and he OBVIOUSLY loves his Aunt Doni VERY MUCH :)

Unique2wh0 said...

Awwwhh love the baby and love the gifts for your mom. The Aspens here in Colorado turn a very pretty gold in the fall. :-) That would look nice too make a set of the seasons with it :-) I like the picture where he is gonna bite them ears right off. What a doll baby he is.