Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Little Bit of Papercrafting

I really love to try all sorts of different crafts.  One I really enjoy is making cards.  I'm still very much a beginner, and have a lot to learn, but I do put a lot of love into each and every one.  My mom and I own a Cricut machine together (although I hog it most of the time and keep it at my house), and I love playing around on it and cutting out designs to use on cards.

This week I made birthday cards for a friend's two kids that both celebrate their birthdays this week. Jillian is turning 4, and I made her a cupcake card.
Please excuse my poor photography, I didn't have very good lighting when I took these pictures, plus, I'm just not a very good photographer.  :)

Trevor is celebrating his first birthday, and his daddy is a big Chicago Bears fan, so I incorporated that into the card design.
 Trevor's room is also decorated in the Chicago Bears theme, so last year when he was born, this is the baby afghan I made him.


melsue22 said...

I Love It!!

Pat Diaz said...

Love it. Where can I get the pattern? My son is expecting a baby and is a BIG Chicago Bears fan. e-mail me at