Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Yarn Swap

Recently my blogging friend Miek who lives in The Netherlands and I decided to do a little yarn swapping.  We had been discussing the cotton yarns, and the Sugar 'n Cream and Peaches & Creme cotton yarns that I use so often for many of my pattern designs are not available over there.  So I sent her some balls of  those and she sent me some Catania cotton yarn.  She also sent some delicious dutch candy and a beautiful Holland thimble.  The Catania yarn is SO nice, and I just can't wait to make something out of it.  I've been busy looking thru Ravelry trying to decide what I will make. I have several things lined up and I just have to decide what to do first!  :)

Thanks again Miek, I love all of it and it was so much fun swapping with you!  :)


Annette said...

Congratz on al teh beautifull yarn!!
Miek spoiled you so much.. enjoy it!!
I also stitch with Catania, It works so great, you will love it!!

Jocy said...

That looks like beautiful yarn. Congrats on the great exchange!

Thimbleanna said...

How fun! And Chocolate in the deal -- Win Win LOL!

miek 2 said...

well, i loved the exchange too!
i got lovely sugar and cream coton, whitch we don`t have in europe. so this was a very good swap! thanks you.