Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Eli's Getting Big!!

Here's the evidence that Eli is ready to move from sleeping in his bassinet and begin sleeping in his crib.  My sister put him down for the night the other night and thought he was sound asleep and walked back into the room a short time later to see him peeking out over the edge of the bassinet.  :)  And she woke up this morning to see him again peeking over the edge and watching her.  :)

"Hey I can see you!"

And here's yet another Mickey Mouse project.  In June, Eli's big brother Zakk, who just turned 18, (yes, my sister has a 4 month old and an 18 year old!) asked me to make this little Mickey Mouse outfit for Eli.  I agreed to make it if Zakk agreed to share the blame when Eli grows up and finds out that we dressed him up like Mickey Mouse.  And he WILL find out, cause we have already have plans to show the pictures to his future girlfriends. :)

I made the outfit using some cute patterns from Affordable Wonders blog.  The hat pattern can be found here, and the diaper cover pattern can be found here.  I did make a few changes as I went.  I made the hat a little shorter, and I also made the ears on the hat smaller.  The only thing I changed on the diaper cover was instead of the little ruffles around the legs, I did a reverse single crochet border around the waist and the leg openings.  It was a nice pattern and fit him very well, and I think he looks absolutely adorable in it! (and hopefully 16 years or so from now, he'll agree.)  :)

Mickey Eli


becky (sister) said...

What kind of crazy family do you come from?? Your sister sounds nuts!! hehe :)

Actually, I'm sure she only had Eli so aunt Doni would still have someone to make dress up clothes for - since the 18 year old stopped appreciating that a few years ago :)

Ericka said...

oh my goodness, that is ADORABLE!!!

miek 2 said...

i think you have a lot of positive faith in this little boy Doni!
god only knows what he will say and do to his aunt when he grows up.:-)
i`ll bet he blames his ungle he did not stop his wife in time, and he probebly will dress your cats in the same ridicules clothes when he has the age of recognition. hahahaahaa

Melissa said...

OH gosh!! I love this post!! Too stinking cute!!

We may be up on Sunday at Wendy's. :)

Affordable Wonders said...

I love it! What a cute little boy!! I love your sense of humor and the blackmail lol I've taken many a pics of my children that I just know one day I will show to their girlfriends :) You did a great job on the set thank you for mentioning Affordable Wonders.

TrulyJaded said...

He is so cute!!