Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Scarf That Almost Wasn't

Awhile back I bought a lovely hank of  Tosh Merino Light at my LYS.  Because I've learned the hard way that I need to keep my yarn (especially the nice yarn) out of reach of the cats, I put it safely away on a shelf in my craft room.  Once again, I under-estimated Gus.  He's very resourceful and can always sniff out anything new.  He soon spotted it, stood on his back legs, stretched and reached up his arms and used his claws to snag and grab that hank of yarn.  I then moved it to a new, and also supposedly safe spot, but he was still able to get to it.  After this happened a few times, and since this yarn was still in a hank, I figured I better get it wound up into a ball and see how bad the damage was.  I laid it out carefully, trying to smooth the strands, when Grace decided she wanted to help and jumped onto it before I could even react, messing it up even more.  Sadly, this too happened more than once. (Yeah, I know. I should have seen this one coming.) At this point, there was no way I was going to be able to use my ball winder, so I slowly started hand rolling it into a ball, thinking it would probably take me about an hour to wind it all up.  That turned out to be wishful thinking.  I sat on the couch for 7 straight hours, untangling and winding, untangling and winding, only glancing up occasionally to shoot the cats a dirty look, while they happily napped, totally unfazed. :)

Had I known beforehand that it was going to take over 8 hours altogether to untangle, I probably wouldn't have bothered and would have just tossed it.  But I'm glad I stuck with it.  After finally getting it untangled and wound up, the yarn itself wasn't damaged and I used it to knit a scarf using a pattern called Saroyan which is a free pattern on Ravelry.

This yarn is so beautiful and it was such a pleasure to work with.  I love the results. I like this yarn so much that I've already bought another hank, and it's currently locked up in a closet where it's safe until I'm ready to use it.  Well, it's safe until Gus figures out how to open a door, then I'm in big trouble.  :)

"I laugh at your precautions!  No yarn is safe from me."


Anonymous said...

You are right. It's beautiful!

Melissa said...

Uh oh!!!

BTW: Guinness opens and closes cabinet doors. It's insane. Good luck with Gus!!